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Hiring a band for your Wedding is probably a new experience so hopefully these FAQ’s will answer some of your questions, if you have any other enquiries please get in touch.

What are your standard performance times?
If you have band and DJ booked with us we play for the whole night right up until 2am. If you require an early start or a late finish, this can be easily arranged if booked in advance.

How long is your break and do you provide background music during this time?
Sometimes depending upon the arrangement, if you want a break we can take a break for 20 minutes for food to be served (tea ect) and we will take this generally to coincide with this, or alternatively to tie in with your wishes. During the break, we provide background music for your guests through our PA, at a volume conducive to your guests chatting. If you wish to provide your own recorded music for during the break, please provide this as a playlist on an iPod, iPhone, etc

When will you arrive and how long does it take you to set up?
We will arrive one hour before our contracted start time so that we can set up as soon at the venue, we have played in nearly every wedding venue in Ireland so we have a really good idea of what needs to be done in the set up. It takes 30 minutes to set up in most venues, dependent on ease of access.

Where are you based, and will you travel for our wedding?
We are all based in Dublin but we cover all of Ireland and Europe

Do we get a contract?
Of course. This provides you and us both with all the important detail relating to your wedding, such as venue, date, performance times and contact details. It also lets you know what you can expect from us.

How will we pay you?
When you make your initial booking with us, you return your signed contract together with a deposit (cheque/bank transfer/credit card) to secure your date. Deposit is €300 and non refundable.

The balance of the agreed contract price is payable in cash at the start of the evening reception, or alternatively by credit card /cheque/bank transfer at least fourteen days in advance of the wedding. We regret that we are unable to accept payment by cheque on the night.

What kind of music do you play?
Our Play List includes songs from the 1920s up to the latest chart hits. We will tailor our set to both your requirements and those of your guests.

Will you learn a specific song for our first dance?
Without a doubt. If it is at all possible for us to cover your chosen special song, we will undertake to learn that for you. All we would ask is that you give us 8 weeks notice of this song so that we can practise and learn it for you to our high standards.

Can we choose your playlist?
We are very experienced at choosing the right song for the right time to keep the party going, so we would prefer to be left to do our job as well as we can by having the freedom to choose our set as we go, however there may be songs that you do not want us to play and we would be more than happy to take songs of our playlist.

We have a family member / friend who would like to sing is this possible
Yes, but ONLY with prior agreement. If we are approached on the night, we are under no obligation to agree. It will depend on whether we think it is appropriate to do so, and also whether the person asking is confident enough to sing with a live band and potentially without lyrics.

Are there long gaps between songs when you play live?
No. As we play, we assess the mood of your guests and tailor our song choices accordingly. These are communicated through the band so that we can commence the following song seamlessly.

My venue has a sound limiter. Have you played / can you play with one of these present?
Yes, we have played in venues where there have been sound limiters, some of them set at quite a low level. If you know your venue has one of these, you should let us know in advance. If the limiter is set to below 93db then unfortunately, this would be too low for a 5-piece band and we would be unable to accept. This could cause frequent cut-outs disrupting your evening, and potentially damaging expensive equipment.

Do you have your own lights?
We have lights for the stage and for the dance floor.

What will you wear?
We will be dressed in Trilby Hats & Spats, black suits and ties or black tie, what ever you wish. Our aim is fit in with the wedding style.

Can I provisionally book the band?
Unfortunately not. We operate on a ‘first come, first served’ basis. If you wish to book, we would advise you to return your signed contract and deposit as quickly as possible, as this is the only way we can guarantee your booking.

Can I keep in touch with you in the lead up to my wedding?
Of course!,  If you would like to get in touch, then please do. Email Contact is preferred.


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